November 15, 2006

Just heard about 45:33 by LCD Sound System which is a song 45 minutes and 33 seconds in length that was commissioned by Nike. It’s intended for listening while on a run, and features “Murphy’s inimitable production style, the track has the dynamics and temporal ebb and flow of an eclectic DJ set, beginning with a long, warm-up segment, moving into a rousing Afrobeat crescendo, peaking with double-time disco, and finally coming back to earth on a parachute of cool, ambient synthesizers.”

It’s available exclusively on iTunes. Story here

I’m a big fan of LCD Sound System (Skyler introduced me to him during my trip in Austin last January), and I’ve been looking for good music to keep me focused during my long programming sessions. I think I’ll lay down the 10 bucks for this, it would be worth it if it works just as well for mental work outs as it does for physical ones. Also, if I’m lucky, it will prompt me to go for a run!


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