Servers make me sad. (New Position)

April 12, 2007

It’s come to my attention recently that I hate server administration. Ok, so maybe that occurred to me not-so-recently. I just know that I would rather spend the rest of the entirety of my life coding than spend the rest of my week configuring Apache. Ok, so that’s a lie, too. But only kind of.

In any case, while I don’t really spend that much time inside of Linux configuration files, it’s enough to annoy me, and if past performance is any indication of future growth (which it’s not, just humor me) then my work time is about to get a lot more configurey. (I’m vying for the worst made up word ever, how’d I do?).

So, I’m entertaining the idea of bringing on a part-time Linux server admin to take over the crap that I hate doing to play an important and appreciated role on the Intrigo team. Our needs are fairly modest: we make web applications, mostly for small businesses. We have just a few servers, some internally to support our staff, development and testing and some outsourced to host our clients’ applications. It’s been a little over a year since we started, however, and the limitations of our setup are… *ehem* starting to show.

So, if you or anyone you know (forward this on to geeky friends looking for work) might have what we’re looking for, let Michael or I know! Also, we’re always looking for highly skilled programmers (especially those already trained in web development).

And oh yeah, here’s as close to a ‘job description’ as I’m going to write tonight:

Position Info

Intrigo is looking to hire someone part time (or as a contractor) to manage our internal Linux installations. We need someone who has experience or can easily pick up:

Subversion. Our developers use it for source control, but we want to add Apache WebDAV support for our non-technical staff and make it integrate seamlessly into Windows/OSX (both OSes seem to support this, sort of).

Apache/PHP – pretty typical installation. Currently we outsource our web hosting (dedicated boxes, but no root). We’re considering putting a couple of our clients on our own boxes (either in house or co-location), mostly because our clients’ applications are outgrowing our dedicated boxes (and even then our host is not what I would call a ‘dedicated box specialist’) but also because we want the extra flexibility that comes with being able to configure our environment. We’re also considering virtualization, but have limited experience with it, so if you have experience there (good or bad!) we’d love to hear about it.

MySQL – just the basics here, though we anticipate needing rudimentary replication and/or clustering within 6 months.

Shell Automation – If you’re really good at shell scripting and process automation that’s a huge plus.

Also, probably some really esoteric and critical piece of software that I’m forgetting.

Commitment would probably be 10 hours a week or intermittently as new things arise. 20-30 hrs/week if we get some really big ideas or if things on our current hardware gets out of hand more quickly than expected.

Send emails to Michael Kelly ( or myself (!


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