World’s most influential computer scientists answer kid’s email.

April 25, 2007

Update: the link to sztywny’s blog entry has been fixed. Use the link in this summary rather than the one on Slashdot, which is outdated

My summary of a great blog post by “sztywny”, a young Polish computer science blogger, that made it to the frontpage of Slashdot.

Many of the questions that make it to the Ask Slashdot pages come from young and aspiring programmers wanting to know the role math and education play in the profession, or what makes certain programmers so much more productive than others, or what the future of the craft will look like. One young programmer by the name of Jarosaw “sztywny” Rzeszótko decided to ask these types of questions (and more) to the programmers he admired the most who also, it turns out, happen to be some of the most influential computer scientists and programmers of the last several decades. The result? Most of them happily responded. The results include the following: Linus Torvalds (Linux), Bjarne Stroustrup (C++), James Gosling (Java), Tim Bray (XML, Atom), Guido Van Rossum (Python), Dave Thomas (Pragmatic Programmer), David Heinemeier Hansson (Rails Framework), and Googlers Steve Yegge and Peter Norvig.


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