Fountain Hills Update: John Summers

January 4, 2008

When I was in Fountain Hills this last week I ran into John Summers at the Taphouse. John (Sumatyme), along with his musical partner James Calbert (CTX), started a hip hop group that has apparently gained quite the following. The group is called Identity Crisis and they have one album out (that I’m aware of).

I’m not able to say that I knew John very well in high school, though I wish I had since he always seemed like (and still does) an interesting and genuinely nice guy.

John being a nice guy and starting a musical group, however, aren’t reasons enough for me to bother you with this blog post. I’m doing that because the album is really good. And I mean excellent.

Good enough that I put my money where my mouth is and bought it on iTunes. If you’re a fan of hip hop (or just curious to see what a fellow FHHS alumni is up to) you can judge for yourself by:

What other new and interesting things are FH alumni doing? Let us all know :o)


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