Intrigo‘s search for top talent continues. Today we listed openings for three new job positions at Intrigo. You can find them on Silicon Florist‘s brand spanking new job board or follow the direct links below.

All positions are full time and are for our new office in Portland. Benefits include health care, 401K with 6% matching, and a grab bag of other little perks.

Web Applications Developer
We would like someone who wants to grow into a project manager/team lead role and has demonstrated at least some skills in that area already. Starts at $55,000/year.

Graphic Designer
From the ad: “You must provide a portfolio to be considered. We design software using standard web technologies, we are not interested in Flash designers. Demonstrated experience working closely with fickle clients is a plus. The ability to convincingly and tactfully defend and fight for a design you know to be good is even better. :)” Starts at $50K

Marketing and Sales
From the ad: “This is a hybrid position for someone skilled in marketing, sales and light project management. You’ll be responsible for generating and following up on leads, making the sale and bridging the ongoing communication between the client and the design/development team.” $30K plus 10-15% commissions.


Intrigo is looking for experienced PHP, JavaScript and CSS developers in the Tucson area.

If you have a passion for usability and a desire to make software that makes a real difference to the people that use it then we really want to hire you!

Intrigo make web applications nearly exclusively. Our client base is over 50% start up companies, so you’ll be working on some of the most innovative and interesting projects out there. The solutions we build are cutting edge in their respective industries (and on the web in general) and we want to hire people who are ready to try new things with web technology.

Our team is 12 people strong right now, split amongst developers, designers and support staff. We have some of the most talented artists and developers in Tucson who take a real pride in their work. It’s a great environment to work in.

We pay competitively with the industry giants, but instead of being just another face on a campus of thousands you’ll be working with a small team at a young and growing company working on exciting projects. (Intrigo is two years old this coming March with plans to open a second office in Q2 2008). We don’t ever expect anyone to work overtime and we’re able to accommodate for school or flex schedules. Our office is centrally located: near the corner of Broadway and Campbell.

We’re open to hiring college graduates who are planning on staying in Tucson after graduation. Current students are also welcome to apply, but we’re only interested in part time if you’re able to commit 25 hours or more per week and have strong web application skills already.